As an expert in what consumers want and what influences their decisions, Mintel today announced four key trends that will shape the global food, beverage and foodservice market in 2023 and five years ahead

  • All-Weather Packing : Consumers need food and beverage products formulated to help them survive extreme temperatures and catastrophic weather events.
  • Brain High Speed : Consumers want solutions that help them optimize their mental performance at work, at home and while relaxing.
  • Cosmic Calm: As Earth becomes increasingly chaotic, space becomes a source of optimism, innovation, and spiritual solace.
  • Minimum of Words : A clear and simple message will make it possible to reach consumers overtired with too much information.

Trending trends – such as space, climate change, brain productivity, and information fatigue – show that brands can help consumers adapt to life in an uncertain world . Brands should support consumers looking for value, provide effective product formulas and encourage the enjoyment of food and drink.

Looking ahead, Alex Beckett, Head of Mintel Food & Drink, explains how companies will adapt, diversify and innovate over the coming years to reassure anxious consumers.

Provision for Any Weather

– Adaptability and ingenuity – two characteristics that will guide innovation to help consumers cope with the effects of catastrophic weather events. Consumers will be looking for products that will help them endure extreme temperature fluctuations – from polar frosts to heatwaves. The challenge of delivering easy-to-prepare meals during flash floods and other extreme weather events creates another opportunity for innovators. The genuine need to reduce energy consumption will drive consumers to appreciate brands that enable them to access energy-efficient food and drink in extreme weather conditions. Stronger UV radiation will create demand for functional food and drink products that promote healthy skin, while in the face of problems with the supply chain, products with an extended shelf life will work. In addition to meeting the expectations of a wide audience, the brands will create innovations that take into account specific dietary needs, including for children and the elderly. Pet product brands can also do their part to help pets better endure extreme weather.

Brain in High Speed

– Concentration and productivity are the most important aspects of mental and emotional well-being lately. Consumers will be looking for foods and beverages that will enhance their cognitive abilities, manage stress and optimize brain function. For the next few years, we can expect the promotion of well-known, natural energy ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, as well as caffeine (in moderation). However, marketing claims will need to be supported by research that provides consumers with concrete evidence that natural and functional ingredients – from B vitamins to nootropics – benefit cognitive health. The latest research and patents on the brain-gut axis will be an opportunity to highlight how pro-,

Cosmic Solace

– Very soon the cosmos will become less distant and more tangible. Capitalizing on the desire for escapism, the food and beverage industry will draw inspiration from space technologies and „terrestrial” innovations inspired by space discoveries, such as lunar minerals and zero-gravity cooking technologies. Generation Z, which has lost its illusions about the world in its current shape, will be particularly sensitive to the charm of the novelty of the still undiscovered space. Brands should also pay attention to the role space will play in the life of the Alpha generation. New technologies will emerge, for increasing the efficiency of crops or obtaining protein powder, expanding the spectrum of cosmic inspirations for brands from the food and beverage industry. Astronauts need nutritional solutions which will enable them to carry out long-term missions into deep space. At the same time, breakthrough inventions in this field can be successfully used on Earth.

Minimum Words

– In the communication of brands with consumers, the key to success will be simplicity and transparency. Marketing communications will soon be simplified and reduced to a few key points, and consumers will look for brands that showcase only the benefits of the product on the packaging, leaving the storytelling to websites, social media and marketing. Products with simple designs that emphasize the use of natural ingredients and key health benefits will attract the attention of consumers who find too much information making it difficult to make a choice. Over the next decade, consumers will rely more on virtual solutions for inspiration, knowledge and confirmation of purchase decisions. Brands will provide information on e-commerce websites, so that their stories and benefits reach consumers who use digital assistants or smart fridges and who reject items that do not meet certain criteria. Shopping for food and drink in the metaverse will soon become a reality as well.


Interviews with Alex Beckett, Director of Mintel Food & Drink , are available on request from the Mintel Press Office. The Global Food and Beverage Trends Report 2023 can be downloaded for free here .


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